About the Brand

A beautiful and eco-friendly alternative to mainstream intimates, Prophetik Intimates is a Nashville, Tennessee based brand with offerings for both men and women. Each bra, panty, and boxer is designed with its wearer’s comfort as well as health in mind. Unlike other intimates brands that utilize manmade and unsustainable fibers along with toxic dyes and chemicals such as formaldehyde and dioxin, Prophetik Intimates are constructed solely with GOTS certified organic cotton and hemp, plant based dyes, and cotton elastic allowing for breathability and wickability while diminishing the risk of the aborption of dangerous chemicals through the skin. Learn more about the health benefits of natural fibers and dyes here.

Prophetik Intimates is the natural outgrowth of the Prophetik Couture Collection, a 13 year old fashion brand designed by Franklin, Tennessee native Jeff Garner. Both collections share a commitment to environmental sustainability, and Jeff has pioneered eco friendly production and dying methods over the past decade. Each Prophetik piece is sourced and manufactured domestically creating American jobs and minimizing transportation waste and pollution.

Prophetik is truly the brand of choice for the conscious sophisticate. If you value beauty in your daily life but also worry about the soil where your apple was grown or your vehicle’s emissions, we invite you to join us on our quest towards revolutionizing the intimates market. Learn more below about what makes Prophetik Intimates truly unique.